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Selianitika: The most beautiful village at the north-west coast of Peloponnese. Selianitika is a paradise for children and adults and the ideal place for your summer holidays.

Selianitika is 180 km from Athens, 35 km from Patras and just 7 km from Aigio.

The village has a beautiful beach with clear waters, restaurants, taverns, clubs and a great market place. At Selianitika you will even find outdoor cinema.

The village is an ideal place for those who are fascinated by the natural beauty and for those who seek the magic of the mountains.


Ancient Olympia

One of the most important sanctuaries of antiquity, dedicated to the father of the gods Olympian Zeus. Olympia is the birth-place of the Olympic Games and also where they were held.

How to go: Through Patra (25min) you follow the National Road west to Amaliada (1 hour and a half hour) then southeast to Pyrgos (45min) and from there to the east is the Ancient Olympia.


The navel of the earth for the Ancient Greeks is a worldwide known place of Ancient Greek civilization and the most visited site in Greece after Acropolis of Athens.

How to go: Through Rio - Andirrion bridge (25min drive), follow the highway to Patras and take the exit for the Rio - Andirrion bridge. From there Delphi is about a one hour and a half by car.


It is one of the most important and beautiful archaeological places around Greece. In a green plain, surrounded by friendly mountains, a place of world wide brilliancy and culture, the Ancient theatre at the side of the mountain Kinortiou, the miracle of Epidavros was built by the architect and sculptor Argous Poliklito the last. Every June, July and August music and theater performances take place under the auspices of the ministry of development.

How to go: Through Korinthos (1 hour and 10 min far) takes the road for Argos and Nafplio (another 1 hour and 30 min).

Kalavrita-Monastery of Agia Lavra

It is located 5km away from Kalavrita and was built in 10th century by a hermit. In 1821 was the centre of the Greek Revolution against the Turk domination. It was the place where the banner of the Greek Revolution was raised and the oath-taking of the fighters took place by Paleon Patron Germanos. The most valuable exhibits of the monastery are the banner of the Greek Revolution of 1821.

Kalavrita-Monastery of Mega Spilaio

The Holy Monastery is situated at the 10th kilometer of Kalavrita - Pounta - National Road Patras - Athens and it is built at an impressive landscape at the entrance of a natural cave, at a height of 924m. It was built in 362 by the monks Simeon and Theodoros from Thessaloniki who saw a vision to go to Achaia and find the Holy Icon of Virgin Mary made by mastic and wax, from Evangelist Lucas.

Kalavrita-The sacrifice spot

It is one of the special monuments of Kalavrita; it is situated eastern to the city, 500m from the center, at the Kapi hill on the way to the Ski Center. There, at the hill of Kapi on 13th of December 1943, were executed all men of age of 14 and above, by the German conquerors. Today, on the hill there is a large Cross. At the columns which surround the central spot are written all the names of the families of the victims and at the catacomb there are small oil-lamps one for every family.

Kalavrita-Spileo Limnon (Limon Cave):

It is situated near the village Kastria of Lefkasiou Municipality, on the road of Patra - Kalavrita - Klitoria - Tripoli. It is 17km away from Kalavrita city, 9km away from Klitoria and 60km away from Tripoli. The cave is a rare natural creation which offers labyrinthine corridors, mysterious galleries and special stalactites and stalagmites. It allocates repeated, terraced, three floored lakes which makes it very special globally.

How to go: You take the National road (direction Korinthos ). After 20kms you will see a big road sign with the name Kalavryta-Platanos-Limnes Spileou. You turn right and after 35min you arrived to the city of Kalavrita.


Close to the city of Aigio is the monastery of Taxiarxon. In the monastery's museum you will see many important pieces of Byzantine art. Near the port of the city there is the famous church of Panagia Tripiti. There is an archaeological and popular history museum. You will also see a lot of neoclassical buildings, all creations of the well-known architect of the 19 th century Ernest Chiller.

How to go: Through old national road Aigio is 7kms far from Selianitika.